Quality Engagements


Quality is at the heart of what we do, not only because customer satisfaction is important for us, but also because we have developed these products initially for ourselves. After years of shopping in international capitals, we found it hard to believe we could not provide high level quality of clothes with accessible prices and technology.

Of course, when it comes to fashion, everyone is different, likes it differently and wants to be treated and considered differently. With this in mind, we have developed 2 golden rules to make sure your experience is the best possible :

1/ Quality of fabrics : all the fabrics you will find on the website or that will be presented to you by a Brand Ambassador have all been selected one by one by us. We are not people of compromises, we dress everyday in Bliss, and we only want the top. That’s why you will only find the best, best cottons for shirts, best wool for suits (up to 180′s), best cashmere for coats. If you have any questions regarding the quality of our fabrics, do not hesitate to contact us : info@blisstailor.com

2/ It’s all about the measures : we have developed a very easy process to measure yourself at home and to be able to process with the reassurance of things well done. In any case, we understand you might find this process sometimes scary (it’s not, you should check for yourself). With this in mind, we have developed this bliss events, were you will not be able to buy anything, but where a Brand Ambassador will make you discover our brand and values and where if you’d like to, he will assist you with your measures.. Once you’ve been to one of these event, of course, we will be happy to welcome you back, but if you just want to buy this new dark blue striped 3 pieces suit we’ve juste released, you can do it straight from home… with the reassurance your measures have been taken by a professional.