Get Bliss Miles

Our goal is to provide you with an easy – one stop shopping – made to measure solution to get elegant clothes for every situation.

We also believe that loyal customers should always be rewarded. Therefore we developed for your benefit our own Bliss Miles program in order for you to benefit of exclusive advantages and discounts.

What do Bliss Miles grant you?

There are 4 different Loyalty Cards, which depends on the amount of Bliss Miles you own*

  5% discounton the products you order

From 100 Bliss Miles

  10% discount on the products you order

From 200 Bliss Miles

  15% discount on the products you order

From 400 Bliss Miles

  20% discounton the products you order

From 750 Bliss Miles


The discount granted by a loyalty cards can be combined by other general promotions offered by Bliss Tailor. The discount is always granted on the net price of the product (after other promotion) and excludes shipping costs.

How do you earn Bliss Miles?

With each order: Depending on the total amount of your order you will earn Bliss Miles

  • 50 BM for an order under 400 $
  • 100 BM for an order of more than 400 $
By referring Bliss Tailor to friends: For each friend you referred Bliss Tailor and who actually placed an order you will get 25 BM

*The Bliss Miles you earned are permanent. But every six months, during which you didn’t place any order, 100 BM will be deducted from your total.