1. How long does it take to get delivered ?

When we receive the confirmation of your payement, your order is immediatly treated by our specialized tailors.  It takes normally about 15 work days until you receive your order.

2. How much are the shipping costs ?

The shipping costs are indicated when finalizing your order.  They vary in function of your location and in function of the total number of pieces ordered.

3. Can I actually see the current status of my shipment somewhere?

Yes. At anytime you can login to your profile, then clik on the “orders” tab, where you can see the status of your order.

Moreover, once your order has been shipped by our tailors, you will get a notification email, with a DHL tracking number, allowing you to monitor where is your order, and the approximate day of delivery at your given address.

4. What if the shipment takes longer than expected?

If you are waiting for your product since more than 4 weeks and have not received any warning e-mail, please contact our customer service at info@blisstailor.com

5. What do I have to pay if my order is controlled by the Customs services ?

Because Bliss Tailor is a company located in Hong Kong, destination customs services may retain your order for inspection and charge you duties fees and VAT.

In any case, Bliss Tailor can not be taken responsible for these taxes.


1. How can I be sure that my measures I submit on the website are correct?

Just follow the pictures explaining you the steps to get your measures.  If you are not sure, the best way to get your measures is to contact a fashion advisor (or your local Brand Ambassador if applicable).

2. What is the role of the Brand Ambassador ?

Finding the right piece of garnement for yourself can sometimes be difficult.  So if you need some  advices, the Brand Ambassador is the right person to ask.  Moreover, he organizes regularly Bliss discovery Events where not only wil youl be helped to get your measures right but you will also be able to see and touch all our available fabrics.

3. Can I order something without the help of my Brand Ambassador ?

Of course,  you can !  You just have to register first to be part of the Bliss Tailor client community.  Then, your only focus should be to choose among the thousand tailor made possibilities to get your perfect shirt, your perfect suit, all in your own style, but always with elegance.

4. How can I contact a Brand Ambassador ?

Just send us an email with your request and your city.  We will get you in touch with the nearest Brand Ambassador.

5. What if the measures doesn’t fit?
The measures are the sole responsability of the customer. Bliss Tailor can not be taken responsible for bad/wrong measurements.


1. How many friends can I reffer?

For each friend you reffered Bliss Tailor to and which actually ordered our products, you will earn 25 BM. You can invite as many friends as you want.

2. What happens if there is a special promotion on Bliss Tailor’s website

If Bliss Tailor is offering, for example, a shirt when purchasing a suit, you will also get the discount (depending on your Loyalty Card) on the net amount you have to pay (excluding shipping costs)

3. How does the “Refer your friends” on Social Media works?

If you you share an invitation to join Bliss Tailor on your social networks, all you friends who join Bliss Tailor through your link, will get automatically a discount of 10% on their first order. At the same time you will earn 25BM per friend.