6 pm. Business happy hour on a moody Monday of November.


“I want you to write this column”, says B. I glance at this thirty-something businessman and old friend. He’s wearing one of his hand-tailored brown suits on a light blue shirt, texting on his Smartphone with China or whatever. One of the sharpest dressed men I know. “Come on… Are you kidding or something? Have you ever noticed

I’m a woman and I actually don’t wear suits?”. He stops typing. And says: “Suits are to women what
lingerie is to men”, he answers. One point.

Later in the night I think of B’s proposal. In one way he’s right. I’ve always been amazed by the
fashion industry and I truly believe that we actually judge a book by its cover. One of the biggest
challenges for guys who want to look good but don’t know where to start is feeling comfortable in
his clothes. Overall men are interested in acquiring a wardrobe based on problem solving. Finding
something that fits into their lives. Let’s be realistic: How many of them made a good impression
only by feeling self-confident in the right suit at the right place and the right time? And how many of
them seduced by distinguishing themselves by a personal touch?

B is right.

Pick up my phone, digit a number: “I’m” in, I say. “I knew you would” he answers. 2am. Sounds like
people never sleep in the business world.